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Wine fairs: customers have stock to replenish!

Par Vitisphere Le 12 juillet 2010
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Wine fairs: customers have stock to replenish!

lmost 81% of people questioned plan to buy bottles of wine during the September wine fairs (Foires aux Vins). A major player in the arena of Internet wine sales,, polled 585 wine lovers and visitors to its site, from 11 to 17 May 2010, on their purchasing intentions for these operations which mobilise professionals. Their motivation: 69% want to benefit from bargains, compared to 79% in 2009, but 59% in 2008: if the frenzied hunt for bargains has fallen back in terms of customer preoccupations, it remains an important motivating factor, the result of a difficult economic climate, but also reflecting the raison d’être of the Foires aux Vins! Moreover, the number of people with purchasing intentions between €150 and €300 and between €300 and €500 remains stable, while the number of internet users planning to spend more than €500 has increased by 25%: it seems that customers also have stock to replenish!
Value for money (53% vs. 52% in 2009), range of choice (50%, stable) and price (48% compared to 56% last year) are emerging as secondary purchasing motives. "Treat yourself to great wines" (45%) and "buy wines for aging" (40%) are less important motives, which is not very surprising in the context of a wine fair. It can nevertheless be regetted that "discover new wines" (38%) is still less important…

As far as distribution channels are concerned, supermarkets remain on top, unsurprisingly (73%), with the Internet on their heels (68%), far ahead of the traditional wine merchants (23%). It must be taken into consideration that the customers questioned were themselves internet users responding to a questionnaire on the site of an online wine merchants, which could bias the results in favour of the Internet, even if they undeniably reflect an underlying tendency.

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