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Marketing : Bordeaux, a woman's pleasure

Par Vitisphere Le 25 mai 2009
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Marketing : Bordeaux, a woman's pleasure

ordeaux has thrown its attention towards women comsumers with a radio campaign being broadcast at the moment, which will be playing until June 30th, on 7 national radio stations. 77% of purchases of Bordeaux wines are by women so the CIVB has chosen the character of Valentine, a well-rooted, urban, active young women to advertise the wine, as she makes use of all the occasions when Bordeaux can be drunk: at a house-warming party, dinner with a loved one, during a barbecue, after shopping, with female friends…

In other initiatives, the association of producers of mellow, syrupy Bordeaux wines have tried to counter the ever increasing age of their consumers. The agency Publicis Activ has created a new name for them, ‘Sweet Bordeaux’, which can be affixed to the 12 appellations concerned, as well as an advertising campaign. This campaign has been presented on the internet, though fashionable social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and on cooking blogs. The campaign has also been tried out at various places which cater for a large number of people, including younger people, such as Pompon, a Bordeaux bar, which attracts around 1,500 people between 25 and 50 each Thursday evening. The results were quick to show the wine’s appeal, since 84 bottles were sold in Pompon in the first hour. The campaign is also set to continue in the spotlight this summer in various places from l’île de Ré down to Biarritz, on the Atlantic coast.
This campaign is expected to cost 150,000 euros per year for three years.

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