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Trend : Export value at the heart of Jeanjean's strategy

Par Vitisphere Le 27 octobre 2008
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Trend : Export value at the heart of Jeanjean's strategy

he company Jeanjean has announced a turnover of 83,1 million Euros in their biannual report, which means a progression of 16% in value and 10% in volume.
“This dynamic activity is found in all winehouses and all retail shops. Export sales benefit fully from the increase in the group’s wine range, registering the strongest progression with a rise of 25%, thus, representing with more then 40% of sales, the main retailing channel of the Jeanjean group”, recapitulates Jeanjean in a press release.
One keeps an eye on the numbers conveying the value, as the increase of the wine range is at the heart of the strategic plan “5th generation” annouced by the company. This is the main objective of the plan: “The strategy plan 2008-20012 “5th generation” announces a turnover of 200 M€ in 3 years (until 2011). This past semester allows us to confirm this outlook and to anticipate a turnover of more than 170 m€ for the fiscal year 2008.”

On the French market, even though sales on the mass market are not exactely high, Jeanjean announced a slight progression: +2,7%. Concerning exports, the effect of the “2005 vintage” plays of course an important role in the growth of value; the Bordelais branch, based on the Antoine Moueix group, which Jeanjean acquired in 2006, allows the Jeanjean group to benefit of this effect. The group has registered a growth in turnover of 10,5%. The Bordelais branch “contributes to the increase in range and follows our development with a turnover of up to 7,5 M€ in this semester compared to 3,4 M€ in the first semester of 2007”; the branch is going to double the numbers from 2007 to 2008 and jump from 10 to 20 millions Euros (while the initial outlook was placed at 15 million Euros).

The valuation of exports (41% of the total sales in 2007) is at the heart of the commercial development of Jeanjean for the coming years and the group confirms this commitment with action, by recruiting Alissa Kondratova as head of marketing in the Languedoc subsidary. It is time to strengthen the export achievements of Jeanjean by reflecting them in the range, explains the young Russian lady, who has been working in the international wine retail arena since 2001: this is about “effectively accentuating the publicity of Jeanjean by reinforcing the qualitative position in the market where the group is already present. This is the case in Germany, the UK, but also in third countries like China and generally in the big export business. We will also develop the products of the middle range and upper range by relying on the AOC Languedoc, a symbol of quality, in order to consolidate our place as market leader of the wines in Southern France.”

[source: Languedoc News]


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