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Only one Cognac union

Par Vitisphere Le 09 juin 2008
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Only one Cognac union

Cognac merchants now have one, united voice. Two unions (Progrès et Tradition and le syndicat des exportateurs), joined forces in October 2007, and the third union (Union syndicale des petites maisons de Cognac) soon followed suit. Together, the three groups form a new united union, the ‘syndicat des maisons de Cognac’. Its president is Jean-Marc Oliver, from the company Courvoisier. ‘We all realised that it would be much easier to share ideas and to understand each other if we were all sat at the same table. It will be easier to work on shared ideas and to resolve points of contention. Also, we have more chance of making ourselves heard, on both regional and national issues, if we all work together’, argues Jean-Marc Oliver.

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