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Low wine and spirit export figures for France.

Par Vitisphere Le 09 juin 2008
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Low wine and spirit export figures for France.

Previous figures indicated that a reduction in exports was inevitable. After the bright spell in 2007, French wine and spirit exports declined during the first quarter of 2008. Wine exports have decreased in volume by 6.1%. In terms of value, figures have increased by 12.8%, due to price increases. Bordeaux wines showed a particularly marked rise in prices, with the highly priced 2005 vintage starting to be exported. Value of sales of Bordeaux wines increased by 35% and the average price rose by 33%. For spirits, exportations have decreased by 13.5% in terms of volume, and 10.5% in terms of value. French wines and spirits are suffering as a result of the weakness of the dollar and of the difficult economic situation in North America. However, in the same period, exports of Spanish wines fared very well, with a 15.9% increase in value and a 16.4% increase in volume.

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