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Barokes Wine in Can popularity rises in Japan

Par Vitisphere Le 26 avril 2005
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Barokes Wine in Can popularity rises in Japan
t would appear that “Barokes�, the brand of Australian wine sold in a 250-cl aluminium can is winning over Asian consumers. There has been so much demand for this “world first patented wine product� its owners have just opened an office in Tokyo to handle the Japanese market alone. Launched in the archipelago in 2002, the notoriety of the brand especially grew last year following a series of successful promotions in conjunction with a pizza restaurant and take away outlet. According to Chief Executive Officer of Barokes, Greg Stokes, the company expects to export 10 containers of the brand to Japan valued at one million Australian dollars, by the end of th year. Barokes Wine in Can is currently exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong-King and Japan and will soon be launched in China and South Korea. In Japan it retails for 385 yen (2.75 euros).
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