Cold snap on French vineyards

Lundi 19 juin 2017 par Vitisphere
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Cold snap on French vineyards

“A lot of wine-growing regions were affected by this year’s frost and more than ever, the wine broker has to reconcile offer and demand, and to propose the widest range of solutions as possible” stated Jérôme Prince, on June 19th at Vinexpo during the 63rd Congress of National Wine Broker’s Federation he chairs*. He also notes that “after seven years having small harvests, we are hoping for a good one in Bourgogne, which has been quite spared by the frost, except Chablis…”.

“The most pessimistic ones are worrying a 50% loss of the harvest, the most optimistic ones count on a 30 to 35% loss” explains Xavier Coumau, president of Brokers of Bordeaux. Since the frost arrived, exchange rates climbed by 1% for Bordeaux reds and by 17% for Sauternes.

It is worth noting that in the Midi: “despite the frost, I am afraid of a 12 million hl harvest just like in 2016, and as grape harvest approaches everyone is looking for room to store” warns the broker Jean-Pierre Py, who admits he has never seen such a challenging situation. “People won’t sell, they won’t be paid, it is going to shoot up, but it is not going to solve anything…” he assumes.


*He has been unanimously re-elected


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